PBS #24: Choco Taco episode

Join Kyle, Car, Ben Carman and Michael Atwood go full pleb in Austin, Texas on July 29th.
Join Kyle, Car, Ben Carman and Michael Atwood host another Pleb Broadcasting Service. Pleb Broadcasting Service was broadcasted from Austin, Texas on July 29th in front of a live Pleb audience.

They discuss:
- AB⚡️DC recap
- Too many meetups in Austin?
- Austin brotilla is a good time
- IKEA founders story
- IKEA where relationships go to die
- Wef gets rid of the Choco Taco
- best burger in town?
- jewboy burgers
- casino el camino burgers
- k&c cattle delivery
- michael talks beef initiative colorado conference
- orange pilling ranchers
- bitcoin block party
- abc value for value panel
- fedi or taro
- ben carman explains tokens
- custodial wallets
- community based banking
- corporate based banking

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PBS #24: Choco Taco episode
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